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Telephone inquiry

Tuition related 063-220-2152~4(financial support office)

School register and Course register 063-220-2133~4, 2083(Class and school register support office)

Scholarship related 063-220-2164(Student support office)

Dormitory related 063-220-5500~2(Star tower janitor’s office)


Related rules: School regulations 48 (duty of paying the tuition)

Tuition: Admission fee + tuition

Tuition payment period

Freshman: Successful applicant will be announced with the payment period.

Enrolled student: 2 times yearly. (Short period will be noticed before starting every semester)

Student returning after time off: Within 4 weeks after the beginning of semesters.

Tuition payment process.

Registration process: Print the bill from the website and paying at the bank.

Internet banking payment: Tuition receiving bank website -> personal internet banking -> tax/utility bill -> college tuition -> college tuition payment

Virtual payment account, receiving bank window, internet banking, mobile phone banking, CD/ATM available.

Virtual payment account: Deposit to the personal virtual account on the bill

Payment amount(tuition + other expense) must be added and deposit (If it’s not the correct amount, deposit error will occur)

If not using the receiving bank the commission charge will be paid by the payer.

Virtual payment account is a account that is used individually for only the payer.

Full scholarship student

New admission, transfer admission successful candidates don’t pay on the admission period acceptance will be can-celed, full scholarship students that has ‘0’ on their tuition bill must go to the receiving bank and confirm the payment or the acceptance will be canceled.

But, if the payment bill is ‘o’ due to full scholarship payment of other expense will regard you as a registered student (Freshman, enrolled students both)

Credit card payment

Jeon-buk bank visa card only – 2 months without interest, 24 months longest (installment commission is on the payer)

Jeon-buk bank window and Jeon-buk bank website payment available.

Confirmation of payment

Freshman: JJ university website ( – Admission website

Enrolled student: JJ university website -> enrolled student -> tuition -> tuition payment confirmation -> tuition payment confirmation document issue.

Making Installments (Undergraduate)

Eligibility: Enrolled students who have problems with family finance (Exemption on Freshman and readmission student)

Tuition waiver (Scholarship beneficiary) exception (part of enrolled students included)

Divided payment: Total of 2 times (1/2 of the tuition per time)

Applying process: JJ university website -> enrolled student -> tuition -> fill in divided payment application -> submit to finance support office.


Applicant who applied for divided payment does not pay at the first installment the divided payment will be canceled.

If the student is going to take a leave of absence the student must pay the 2 installment.

If the first installment was paid and the second installment is not paid the student will be expelled for no registration and the paid installment becomes extinct.

Tuition for students exceeding their regular number of terms

Definition: Years required for graduation is over and is short on credit to graduate.

Timeline: Every semester course registration correction period is over tuition payment by the credits the student has applied.


Undergraduate: Student that has applied for more than 9 semesters. But, the department of construction engineering (5 years) will be active after 10 semesters.

Transfer student: After the students transfer More than 5 semesters were applied.

Readmitted student: Before expelled and after readmitting the semesters added is more than 9 semesters.


Tuition payment amount by applied credit

1 – 3 credits: 1/6 of the tuition

4 – 6 credits: 1/3 of the tuition

7 – 9 credits: 1/2 of the tuition

More than 10 credits: Full tuition

Vacation sessions tuition (undergraduate)

Definition: A semester that has the purpose of giving the students the credit they need during the summer and winter vacation that is separate from the regular semester.


When registering vacation sessions small amount of payment is required. But, if the class is canceled full refund of the payment will be operated.

Refund standard of vacation sessions

Vacation sessions refund standard

Full refund of payment before the beginning of the semester

After beginning of the semester within 1/3 of the class: 2/3 of payment refund

After beginning of the semester within 2/3 of the class: 1/3 of payment refund

After beginning of the semester over 2/3 of the class: No refund

Refund Policy 「Related rule: School regulation 52 (tuition refund)」

Refund standard: Tuition that has been paid cannot be refunded. But, according to school regulation and the ministry of education on university tuition regulation 6 can be refunded.

Student who were confirmed of their admission cancels their admission

When enrolled student wants to leave(drop out) the school

When a student on leave of absence doesn’t return to school and gets expelled (as of 2010.12.2)

Due to illness – death, natural disaster or other reasons to not admit to our school and does not continue their study

Freshman refund procedure and refund amount standard

Print out refund application on our school website -> submit register waiver (admission support office fax) -> deposit to the account on the refund application.

Full refund as shown as on the applicant guideline until the date of register waiver period. (Admission fee + tuition + other expense)

After the date period of freshman refund enrolled must follow the enrolled student refund policy.

Leaving school and expelled student tuition refund register procedure and amount standard

Register process: submit a school-leave form to the admission office -> fill out and submit a tuition refund application form at the finance support office.

It may take about 1 week to receive the tuition refund.

When filling out the refund application please make sure to mark if you paid your tuition with education expense loan.

If a student is expelled who registered with education expense loan (Leave school or do not return) gets a refund the payment will be refunded to the education expense loan first.

At the start of the semester if a refund cause comes up, admission fee will not be refunded.

When a student that is on a leave of absence doesn’t return and gets expelled follow the refund regulation; new policy since 2012.12.2

Amount of tuition refund (University tuition regulation 6-2.)

Tuition refund causes date and refund amount note.

Until one day before the beginning of the semester (admission) full amount refund (including admission fee)

After 30 days from the beginning of the semester 5/6 of the payment excluding the admission fee.

After 60 days from the beginning of the semester 2/3 of the payment excluding the admission fee.

After 90 days from the beginning of the semester no refund necessary.

Refund procedure

Fill out dropout form at the students major department administration office, bring the documents needed for tuition refund to the finance support office and fill out the refund application. (School-leave application form, a copy of your guardian’s bankbook, a copy of proof of family registration, or a copy of resident registration)

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