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President Lee Ho-in, Ph.D.

The most prestigious Christian private university providing great satisfaction.

Dear Respected members of the university :

Through the efforts of everyone involved in Jeonju University’s growth and success, and as part of Jeonju University’s founding principle of “Implementing the Spirit of Christianity”, we all have worked hard to realize our new vision to be “the most prestigious university providing great satisfaction” as we enter our historic 50th year as an academic institution.

For the past five years, Jeonju University has made investments in hardware, such as the remodeling of lecture halls, along with the remodeling of Star Tower and Star Center, and is now dedicated to the development of software and strengthening the quality of education. In response to South Korea’s low birth rate and aging society, our university has been at the forefront of innovation in the educational system and committed to the development of educational programs for students.
As a result of these efforts, Jeonju University boasts regional competitiveness in university admissions as evidenced by our high academic achievements.

Based on our founding principle, we have done our best in building character in our students, strengthening basic skills including communication skills, foreign language skills, and information processing skills, and are committed to establishing an educational system that enhances practical skills in each respective field of study. The more time university students spend in the classroom, the higher the chance of them developing into talented individuals who can move on to greater sucess around the world. In order to realize this, our university introduced the simultaneous filming system in the past year, and beginning from this semester, we are ready to apply the I-Class system, an advanced teaching-learning method to be used in the actual classroom.

Since my appointment as president, I have stressed the establishment of an autonomous management system for undergraduate units, striving to enhance the efficient management of the university. In addition, future development funds will be further revitalized to secure financial stability in an age of sharp reduction in school-age population, thus strengthening the regional status of the university.

All this cannot be achieved by the president and his administration, however. It is only possible with the help of students, parents, faculty, alumni and the community as a while. With your support, Jeonju University will continue to provide the greatest satisfaction and happiness to all members of the university and both community strengthening both in the process. As your president, I will do my best to realize the goals and dreams of the university. Thank you.

Lee Ho-in, President of Jeonju University

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