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Q1. What is the objective and guidelines that the College of Education pursue?
A1. It is our objective to educate and train individuals who wishes to be dedicated teachers, regarding teaching as their lifetime vocation. We’ve set ourselves a teacher’s charter for them.

Teacher’s Charter
I, dedicate myself in teaching and I wish to become a leader for the students.
One, I’ll teach the happiness of life to my students
Two, I’ll be a teacher who brings out the best potential of my students
Three, I’ll be a teacher who goes together with my students.

A2. To become a superstar teacher with intelligence, discipline, and spirituality, guide your students in the directions as follows.

1.Survival of the fittest Teach students on how to use JJ Cornell Notes (use special lecture method of allocation and implementation) and hold competitions / distribute 3-hole binders and teaching how to use lecture deficit of survival (i.e. Gangyuhyon’s book, “Bind the success”)

2. Human Resources is everything Lifestyle guidance to thank through the prayer meeting toughness Map / Chapel through the one-to-one consultation with the professor, and a variety of worship

3. Visionary life future design vision and college life through an invited talk stimulus through life noun special lecture of vision (for example, vision of life Bakusuun elder) of / Alumni

Q2. What are the special features of the College of Education of JJ University?
A1. Our faculty members are the most dedicated professors
• Free lectures for the preparation for teacher certification examination by the department from 8:00 a.m.
• Even during the holidays, the department offers more than 200 hours of special lectures for all students
• Thorough management and teaching at the Examination Institute from 8:00 a.m. to 0:00 a.m.
• Various lectures held at examination center that graduates can also join to participate

A2. Operation of customized curricula
• Leadership Development classes for teaching and presentation for pedagogical curriculum management / Curriculum leadership capacity building and major that can be passed to the improvement of teacher certification examination
• Fostering student leadership ability through R/W (Reading / Writing) courses / capacity of the discussion through the course

A3. We take advantage of the educational facilities centered on those who need them.
- We operate teacher certification examination preparation center where current students, as well as graduates may participate / secured multimedia production studios and practicum chambers per department.
- We operate four advanced behavior analysis rooms and film the lectures / provide seminar halls and small study rooms for study groups per department
A4. We operate a teacher-student accompanying system of trust and faith.
- Mentoring and career research sessions with tutors, one hour per week / provide operation guidance and form student society-like study groups per department
- Psychological check-ups and counseling by the CA (Campus Assistant) from the College of Education / prayer and encouragement sessions with the professors’ mission and the University’s sister church (Jeonju Shin-il Church)

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