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The College of Fine Arts and Athletics was established in 1973, with aims to educate and train creative experts masterfully skilled in theory and practice. The Arts Center at JJ University has been recently remodeled and renovated with advanced equipment and programs to create an optimum learning environment, providing a better platform for co-op framework, as well as providing students with high-quality learning opportunities, with star professors of their respective fields.

Dept. of Game Contents

Tel. +82-63-220-3181, 2732

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Dept. of Smart Media

Tel. +82-63-220-2295

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Dept. of Performing Arts and Entertainment

Tel. +82-63-220-3025

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Dept. of Film & TV

Tel. +82-63-220-2395, 3287

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Dept. of Industrial Design

Tel. +82-63-220-2412

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Dept. of Visual Communication Design

Tel. +82-63-220-3028, 2404

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Dept. of Creative Arts Psychotherapy

Tel. +82-63-220-2046

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Dept. of Music

Tel. +82-63-220-2391, 2392

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Dept. of Sports Coaching

Tel. +82-63-220-3256, 3255

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Dept. of Physical Education

Tel. +82-63-220-2419

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