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At the College of Business Administration, we strive to educate informed, working-level executives of the future. With this objective, we put leadership education that fosters entrepreneurship and basic knowledge education that comprehensively covers corporate and economic fields of study. The college consists of several departments including Economics, Business Management, Marketing & Public Relations, Financial Management, Logistics & International Trade, Accounting, Finance & Insurance, and Real Estate, etc., and offer courses for in-depth study of respective fields.

To realize our educational goals, the college offers two unique programs: StarNet, a co-op program with approximately 200 companies; StarTrack, tailored courses for professional license acquisitions, civil servant examinations, foreign language preparation, etc. Also, our lecture halls are equipped with advanced digital equipment, to show that we care deeply about the quality of education we provide.

We are committed to educate and train future-oriented experts with cosmopolitan outlooks by systematically operating exchange student and dual degree systems with foreign universities in the US and China. Moreover, with specialized course programs, we provide opportunities to student who are interested in obtaining CFA or CTA, with aims to discharge several professionals with specialized expertise every year.

Dept. of Business Administration

Tel. +82-63-220-2284, 3052, 2277

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Dept. of Economics

Tel. +82-63-220-2541

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Dept. of Finance and Insurance

Tel. +82-63-220-2289

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Dept. of Logistics and International Trade

Tel. +82-63-220-2288

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Dept. of Real Estate

Tel. +82-63-220-2259

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Dept. of Accounting and Tax

Tel. +82-63-220-2271

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