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The College of Social Science is a discipline that implements justice through research and education on social phenome-na, teach the knowledge of effective state management, and realizes values of human rights, in response to the rapidly changing globalization, informationization, and welfare society. We aim to foster educated and knowledgeable experts who may contribute to the development of our nation and society, meanwhile lead the development of our local communities.

Dept. of Police Administration

Tel. +82-63-220-2311

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Dept. of Library and Information Science

Tel. +82-63-220-2235

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Dept. of Law

Tel. +82-63-220-2250

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Dept. of Social Welfare

Tel. +82-63-220-2426

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Dept. of Counseling Psychology

Tel. +82-63-220-2267

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Dept. of Public Administration

Tel. +82-63-220-2258

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