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Credit approval standard

More than 15 hours of class in one semester is approved for 1 credit, and special classes that the school rule has chosen are approved for one 1 credit for more than 30 hours of class in one semester. Such as experiment practice, practical work and physical education.

Domestic and foreign credit exchange approval standard.

When completed a subject on another domestic or foreign college by education exchange program will be approved as the same as completing in our school. In this matter the subject that was completed in exchange college will be approved as a similar subject in our school. If there is no similar subject it will be approved as a general selected subject.

as the above was approved) If needed we can approve one subject within 18 credits.

The following subjects will be added in graduation credit but will not be added in grade average.

Voluntary service

Other type of chosen subject.


Every semester there will be a midterm and final exam according to school schedule; midterm will take place during the semester and will be graded by a report, homework essay, and other work that can be graded.

Final exams will be taken with essay exam, practical exam or both combined.

Qualification for exam

Student that has been absent for 1/4 of the total class will not have the right to take the exam, even if they take the exam it will not be graded and given an automatic Fail (F).

Supplementary exam

Students that did not take the regular exam due to illness or other reasons that the dean approves can take a supplementary exam.

Students that wants to take the supplementary exam must have documentary evidence attached to the application and must apply within 7 days of the exam date.

But, more than B+ cannot be given on the supplementary exam.

Early exam

Student that has taken the midterm and wishes to take the finals early must have attended the class more that 3/4 and apply for the early exam for the grades to be approved.

Student who wishes to take an early exam due to military service (occurrence of reason) must apply the application (with document evidence) at the administrations office’s class and school register support team two weeks before the due date.

Early exam application qualified student: Military service, military recruit, and event of state (economic) that requires overseas business trip during the exam period.

Academic probation

Student that has less than 1.5 point average will be given an academic probation.

Student that has been given an academic probation can only apply 15 credits on the next semester.

Academic grade assessment

Grade assessment will be graded on a curve. (But, due to the character of the subject it can be absolute evaluation.)

Grade assessment standards are attendance 10%, quizzes 20%, midterm grade 30%, final exam grade 40%, that adds up to 100%. But, subjects that can’t be graded by an exam can be replaced by thesis or individual research paper.

RUCK (Regional University Consortium of Korea)

Academic grade assessment grade and point average will be divided as followed.

Average grade method of calculation: ∑ (Subjects grade acquisition × Grade) ÷ Total applied credit.

Grade point average method of calculation: ∑ (Subjects point average acquisition x Grade) ÷ Total applied credit.

Standings method of calculation

Semester standings: Will be calculated according to the grades including vacation sessions of the students point average of the same graders.

Total standings: Will be calculated according to the grades including vacation sessions total completed subjects point average of the same graders. But, 4th graders that belong to undergraduate studies will be calculated by their major grades.

Grades on a curve by grades.

1st ~ 3rd grade: A ≤ 25%, A+B ≤ 65%

4th grade: A ≤ 35%, A+B ≤ 75%

Teaching profession subject: A ≤ 40%

Experiment, practical exercise, experiment practice, practice subjects that have less than 20 students: A ≤ 50%

Grade scholarship student selection

1st, 2nd, 3rd graders that has completed more than 15 credits (seasonal semester is not approved)

4th graders that has more than 12 credits and has no problem with his graduation grades

Scholarship ranking will be calculated by rounding off the third decimal point, and make two decimal point to proceed

If the point average is the same the standings procedure will be as followed

Student that has a higher total GPA.

Student that has applied more credits.

Student that has a higher average grade.

Student that is older in age (date of birth).

Rules for financial aid provided for veteran families

More than 70 points of arithmetic mean

More than 15 credit acquisition (More than 12 credits for 4th graders)

Chapel subject acquisition must be a Pass.

Grade correction request

Correction period: Every semester course registration period. (Not course registration correction period)

Correction method

Can be corrected on the correction period after confirming with the professor in charge.

After the correction period it can be corrected by the professor in charge’s requisition form with documentary evidence must applied to the administration support office.

Supportive documents: 1 copy of the professor’s grade correction requisition form, attendance book, and a copy of student’s advising transcript

Penalty for cheating

If it wasn’t a prearrange planed cheating and a momentary cheating it can be invalidated

If there is any reference written or any reference written on the desk, wall and other places where the reference can be seen the exam that student has taken on that day will be invalidated.

Any student on our school that takes a proxy examination or switches the answer sheet, bringing the answer sheet from outside will be suspended indefinitely and every subject on that semester will be invalidated.

If a student from another school takes a proxy exam the student will be expelled.

Student on leave of absence point recognition guideline

Student that is on leave of absence point recognition is as followed if there is no special reason.

On every semester students that applied for leave of absence within the 3/4 of the classes grades will not be given, but the tuition is valid.

Therefore, it is regarded that the student has paid is tuition for the semester, so the tuition refund rule will be followed.

Every semester students that applied for leave of absence over 3/4 of the class will be regarded as completion of the semester and grades will be given. School grade, evaluation grade and point average.

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