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Meaning of Changing one’s major

Changing one’s current major into another major and you can change your major at the second year or third year. But, the College of education can change one’s major on their second year.

Permissible range

2nd year major change

General department major: Appointed academic years entrance quota of 20% is permitted.

College of education: Appointed academic years entrance quota is short it can be permitted.

3rd year major change: Only general department major is permitted, Appointed academic years 2nd year students major change is finished left spots are available for 3rd year students to change their major.


Changing one’s major can only be changed once while in school. But, if the department is shut down or etc. department revision doesn’t count as a change of major.

College of education can only change their major on the 2nd year, Health Science(except 보건관리학과) cannot change their major.

Qualification of application

2nd years major change: Must complete 2 or more regular semester, more than 35 credit and under 70 credit.

3rd years major change: Must complete 4 or more regular semester, more than 70 credit and under 105 credit.

Registration period

Website notice every year on December, if there is a special reason you can change your major on any semester.

Screening process

Academic record, interview examination, essay type examination, a practical test will be required by the needs of the department

Selection criteria

Successful applicant selection criteria: Grades of admission factors will be added into the reflection rate and be selected by the grades in order.

Other details

Changing one’s major can only be changed once while one’s in school, canceling the change of major is possible until after 2weeks of lecture (After canceling change of major you cannot apply for a new change of major).

If the student changes their major, the scholarship will not be given on the semester right before he changes his major (Scholarships are given by the grades you have achieved).

When completed student on teaching education changes one’s major the completed teaching education will be can-celed.

Students who had changed their major or department must take courses required by their current major or department, despite credits already received in his/her former major or department. If there are any same or similar courses, the student must apply for credit acknowledgement of such courses, which is to be reviewed by the department’s board and approved by the dean.

Selection of the change of major will be followed by school regulations, detailed regulations for the application of school regulations, Major change applicant handbook.

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