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Choosing your Major (Undergraduates only)

Eligibility and limitations

Only newly admitted or transfer students may choose their major.

By principle, students may choose their major as they wish. But some programs may restrict the number of the students who may enroll, and information about restrictions may be set by the respective departments and programs.

When to choose major

Major preparation: Students have to choose their major in the first semester after entrance.

Major: Time and place for choosing majors follows the regulations of each department. But, student who are applying to departments that restricts the number of students, such as School of Alternative Medicine and Health Science, School of Design etc., are advised to choose before registering for the first semester of the second year, and in absence of any additional conditions, students must choose their major by themselves through school’s website, under ‘modify personal information’, before obtaining the third semester’s grades (majors do not have to match the preparation course).

Transfer students: for applying to undergraduate programs, students should choose their major from the school website, under ‘modify personal information’, before obtaining their first semester grades.

Modify personal information: School website → current students → Course registration/Grades → Personal information modification

Changing your major

Students may change their major once, during their enrollment.

Students who wish to change their major should fill out and submit a “request for major change” form to the school register’s office, and must be approved by the dean.

Students who have applied for a major change must fulfill the standard graduation limit to graduate (Breadth, Required components, Outside requirement, etc.)

※ Application File: Website → University Life → School Calendar → School forms → Request for Major Change form

Guide for double major and minor completion

Definition of a double major and a minor

Double major: a system that allows students to receive the degree of previous or another discipline/major offered by the school, if the student had completed the minimum requirements for the other major during his undergraduate unit.

Minor: Achieving more than 21 credits (Required components + Outside requirements,)selected department major completed or waiving during the double major but has completed more than 21 credits (전필+전선, basic credits not included) gets the right of the completion and gets to mark that department major on the diploma.

Completion qualification: Enrolled student

Completion range

According to the related law and regulation students can complete a department major, double (minor) major which is operating in our school regarding the grade you’re in.

※ Department of art and physical education may require an practical exam and an interview to complete

Double major that is impossible to apply: Regular student registering to health and medication department (dept. of nursing science, dept. of biological science, dept. of physical therapy, healthcare and science, dept. of rehabilitation) and the college of education not permitted for double major.

Student at the college of education and regular department student that has completed the teaching profession can double major at the college of education, and students at the college of education can double major at regular departments.

Completion registration

Students who seek a double major or a minor can register at the early period of the semester by fulfilling the double (minor) major application downloaded from the website and submit to the department, Basic and major subjects must be registered and completed.

※ Files: Website -> Campus life -> school affairs guide -> school reference room -> double major or minor application download.

Notes for completion registration: Subjects that need experiment, practical exercise, practical technique has a maxi-mum of 60 students, and other departments can 120 students attending to class due to schools seating capacity and equipment capacity.

Completion procedure

Students who seek double major must have more than 6 credits on their appointed basic subjects in his/her major de-partment (excluding in-depth credits), and must pass the graduation assessment according to the characteristics of the major, whether they be a thesis, graduation examination, license, or other relevant methods.

Actual expense payment

For completion of double major or minor that needs experiment exercise that needs to use equipments, you might pay a small amount of money to use the equipments.

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