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How to register for classes

After students have received their registration instructions from their professors, they can register for classes at online by themselves. The procedures for online registering are as follows:

Go to JJ University’s website ( -> Current Students -> Class Registration/Student Records/Tuition Invoices

The login ID is your student number. Enter the password you’ve already set (first-time password is the latter number of your resident registration number)

For further information, please refer to “Class Registration Manual” on the school website.

Class Registration Availability and Limitations

Standard number of credits

You may select 18 credits and not over 21 credits (credits from career exploration, social volunteer work, or teaching volunteer work will be assessed and accepted separately)


The first semester of the freshman year is limited to 20 credits.

Students with GPA lower than 1.5 (Academic Probation) on previous semester: Limited to 15 credits

Students with GPA higher than 1.5 but lower than 3.0 on previous semester: Limited to 20 credits

Students with GPA higher than or equal to 3.0 on previous semester: Limited to 21 credits

For returning students, the GPA of their last semester will be taken into account.

Minimum number of credits

Students in their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year must choose at least 12 credits per semester.

Students in their 4th year must choose at least 9 credits per semester.

Rules for Class Cancellation

Category Cancellation Rule
Courses required for Major Less than 10 students
Foreign language,
English in liberal arts courses,
Teaching course
Less than 15 students
Informationization, Foundations, R/W, L/C, Practices in liberal arts, Practicum, Selective liberal arts courses Less than 20 students

Class Cancellations

If Students violate registration rules such as double-booking or excess credits, Class and school register support office can cancel those classes. (Cancel; in order of Elective subject, Elective major, Elective General Studies, Required major, Required General studies)

Credit Registration

Students who have completed their 8th semester but cannot graduate due to lack of credits, they must continue taking courses and should pay for the remaining course and take as instructed below (for a “P (Pass)” grade, they will be re-quired to pay fees due for 1 credit):

Credits Re-ceived 1 to 3 credits 4-6 credits 7-9 credits 10 or more credits
Tuition Fee total fee * 1/6 total fee * 1/3 total fee * 1/2 total fee

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