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제목 Jeonju University, the Mecca of Carbon Industry
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Jeonju University, the Mecca of Carbon Industry


Jeonju University has been emerged as a core university of carbon industry, called “the rice of industry in 21 century.” On 6th, Jeonju University announced that the university was the only one selected at the field of carbon of Priority Laboratory Support Business (There might be official name of 중점연구소지원사업) that both the Ministry of Education and National Research Foundation of Korea organize. The university will receive the support of 7 billion won in 9 years, because of the selection of the Priority Laboratory Support Business this time, will build partnership with major and mid-sized companies, and will proceed with the development of new products that will change the dynamics of global carbon markets. Jeonju University will proceed mainly with the business of commercialization of carbon electric wires, and through this, it is expected that the development of innovative products, such as air purifiers, electric motors, etc is available, and this is anticipated to take the lead in the change of international carbon markets. Behind the selection of Jeonju University at the field of carbon by Priority Laboratory Support Business, it is said it was a crucial role that Jeonju University as a sole had increased research ability up to the best nationally, by operating carbon-related courses in the bachelor, master and doctoral degree at the same time. On the basis of this kind of outstanding workforce, Jeonju University is showing off its matchless existence in the area of carbon among national universities, for example, by having established network not only with Korea Institute of Carbon Convergence Technology, Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), etc, but also with carbon-related businesses in the Jeonbuk region, and it obtained the 30 carbon related patents. Professor Kim Hong Gun from Jeonju University Carbon Laboratory said they would invest in raising quality manpower and in the development of new products so that they could compete with Japan or German which were carbon developed countries.



Journalist Kim Jin Kyong, Jeonbuk CBS


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