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제목 Jeonju University dominates national competitions, soars into Taekwondo elite
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Jeonju University dominates national competitions, soars into Taekwondo elite


Jeonju University (President Lee Ho-in) is dominating in every competition it enters, solidifying its reputation as a prestigious Taekwondo school. The Taekwondo department has in only two months, ranked highly in the ‘Collegiate Taekwondo Championship’,  ‘World Taekwondo festival’, and ‘Presidential National Competition’.  At the ‘39th Korea Collegiate Taekwondo Union National Taekwondo Competition’, ending at September the 1st, 5 Jeon-ju athletes were awarded. During the 5 day competition held in Woo-seul Gymnasium in Haenam, Jun-nam Province, 3000 students from 40-odd universities participated. From Jeon-ju, Yang Yong-hoon(+87kg) won 1st, Jang Hyun-ho (-74kg) 2nd, and Kim Joo-hyung (-58kg) 3rd in Men. In the Women section, Yoo Gyung-min (-73kg) and Lee Soo-guk (-67kg) both won 3rd.  Yoo, a sophomore, also took 1st place in the ‘15th Gender Equality Department National Women Taekwondo Competition’, held in Taebaek’s Gowon Gymnasium during August the 12th to the 18th. Yoo, with her solid and aggressive style, has been regarded as one of the best among the 1000 collegiate women Taekwondo athletes.  

Jeon-ju also is one of the best in national team competitions. ‘The Terror Live’, a team of Jeon-ju students, won the ‘2016 World Taekwondo festival’ competition senior division in August 6th with a score of 9.60. The Jeonju team’s 12 members showed perfect breaking and team cohesiveness to push the reigning champions, First ROK Army, to second place. Competitors in team competitions invent and organize various Taekwondo moves into a performance, and 52 teams competed in the senior division. In the women individual breaking division, Cho Eun-sun, a junior, won 1st place for the second time in the row, a feat unmatched in competition history.  This amazing show from Jeonju’s Taekwondo Department is the result of students and teachers working together in a unified vision. Students take both theoretical classes and competition preparatory skirmishes. During the semester, skirmishes are held for 1 hour in the morning, 2 hours in the afternoon, and 1 hour in the evening. During vacation, they are held for 2~3 hours in the morning and afternoon. Taekwondo Department Dean Choi Gwang-geun says “this result has come from the students who perspired for 6 hours a day, even when the summer heat could make you sweat from just standing” and “We will become the representatives of Taekwondos origin, Chonbuk, and an elite school that produces many nationalists.




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