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제목 Jeonju University "2016 World Taekwondo Festival” champion in two categories
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Jeonju University "2016 World Taekwondo Festival”champion in  two categories


In 2016 World Taekwondo FestivalJeonju  University( President  Lee Ho-In) won the 1st place both  in the national team Overall competition against the senior division and women  individual overall  division. Jeonju  universities  ‘The Terror Live (Ho-sup Kwon and 12s)’  team  got a victory with average score 69.90 in overall competition against senior division in a  national Taekwondo  festival competition presented by Kukkiwon on  6th August, Saturday. Jeonju University team was  ranked first in the qualification and was expected to win. This team also had a very impressive topic which is protecting Kukkiwon from a terrorism and for that they’ve  got a very high rating in addition to their outstanding  result and amazing teamwork. Last year’s winning team  ‘first Armies Command’ took the 2nd place while  Gachon university and Korean national sport university rose and took the 3rd place. The over overall taekwondo team contest operate a variety of movements, skills and creative techniques categories. This contest was classified  for juniors (below 18 years) and seniors (above 19 years). Under senior field altogether 52 teams participated, as per the age participants from university students were very high. There was a fierce competition among the participants with an objective to protect school’s honor and respect.
Under women individual, group category  a student named
Joeunson ( Taekwondo major, 3rd year) was successful to achieve winner position in last year as well as this year.
From last 3 days to 6 days, National Taekwondo Institute opened ‘2016  World Taekwondo festival
’ and there where 4753 people  participated from  40 different countries around the world conducting  11 events with  44 fields  matching one’s skill.

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