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제목 news-Jeonju University International Students “ Foreign students poetry recitation contest” Award
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Jeonju University  International Students
“ Foreign students poetry recitation contest” Award



“Korean poetry language is really remarkable.  Reciting  poetry is  like singing a beautiful song.”

The grand prize winner  of  ‘Foreigner international students poetry recitation contest’ that held in   Chonbuk university on the 15th , Jeonju  University Student  Ga On- Rak(21, department of worship and praise,  3rd year) said  “ Though it’s a  long & difficult poem  to recite,  after practicing dozen times I get to memorize and  understand  the deep meaning behind the poem which are Korean  sentiment and culture.”  Ga On-rak  recited poem was   ‘님의 침묵’ by Han Yong-un. Since the information is long she practiced over and over  for 2 month whenever she have a spare time. By printing the Poem  and looking it often , listing it through phone  and also watching it on YouTube. For that,  she mastered both the pronunciation and the rules on how to recite a poem effectively. She said “after hearing the word ‘  I thought it was a bitter poem where the loved one leaves  but after  a while I learned that it’s about a country deprived pain and poignant. For that, when I recite the poem I put a lot of effort  to show the feeling of sorrowful indignation than sad feelings about love. "   A native of Wenzhou City in Zhejiang Province, China,  Ga On-rak  came to Korea 3 years ago right after she graduated from high school.  She said “After diligently studying Christianity in a prestigious privet Jeonju university, I have a dream to return to my hometown and become minister of church who worship and praise  God unconditionally.”        


This poetry contest aimed to inform the excellency of Korean language and Hangul in this age of globalization to international students, In addition to helping students build their self-esteem. This event is organized by  the Jeollabuk-do International students ombudsman center and it held for the 2nd times this year  because it’s an outstanding  contest with great objective where international students recite Korean poetry.   In this competition there were a total of 15 contestant   from Jeonju University, Chonbuk University and  Woosuk University.  And the winners from the previous contest are as followed.


-Grand Prize =Ga On-rak      (China, Jeonju University Department of worship and praise 3rd year)

-Gold Prize=Yang Sim-sin      (China, Jeonju University Department of worship and praise 3rd year)

-Silver Prize=Hwang Seol-mae    (China, Chonbuk National University 4th year)

-Bronze Prize=kim Yeon-gi       (China, Jeonju  University Department of fashion design 4th year)

-Participation Prize=Ko Ui-rim    (China, Jeonju University Department of worship and praise 3rd year)



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