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International Exchange Center, Celebrating Korean Food


On the 22nd of last month, the International Exchange Office (Ko Sun Woo, Director) held the "Korean Food for Foreigners" event.


The event was held at the 5th floor of our institution in Creative Culinary Institute of Korea, which was supervised by Ministry of Justice of Immigration and Naturalization Service in Jeonju and  hosted by Creative Culinary Institute of Korea.


This event is designed to help foreign students to orient themselves in Korea by introducing Christmas and trying Korean dishes.


The event was organized to select our university as an excellent institution for managing foreign students by the Ministry of Justice at the Jeonju Immigration Office (Ministry of Justice, Woo Suk Hwan) and to encourage international students.


On this day, students had a time to help their understanding of Korean food by listening to the explanation of Korean food, and by making and eating Bulgogi and Tteokbokki. In addition, they gave a special lecture on "Origin of Christmas" and had time to perform talent show.


At this event Mr. Lee, the chancellor of Jeonju University said, "When I was studying abroad, I did not only have difficulty in studying, but also in my longing for my family and my home country." Also, he said, "All staff members are love and caring international students to lift a burden of them."


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