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Graduate schools are hall of fame to education, where students learn in-depth about their interests in much more ad-vanced ways. If the undergraduate is focused on laying the academic foundation, graduate schools are where the best experts are fostered through in-depth research and education. At JJ University’s graduate schools, there are 43 depart-ments and majors, offering master’s and doctorate degrees. Every year, many fulfill their dreams of obtaining the degrees and are actively doing their work in various fields. Recently, in light of converging trends of academia, researches dealing with integration and composition have been newly established, and will continued to be installed, to foster the required convergence experts by the industry.

Department of Business Administration

The 21st century is often described as a place where globalization and unlimited competition happens all the time. Thus, business management ability plays an essential role in all organizations. The department of business administration aims to educate and train the prepared GLOCAL(Global + Local) experts, able to flexibly respond to in the era of fast changes. The curriculum of the department is designed to help student learn a balanced knowledge of what business administration is about. The faculties also provide opportunities for students to research various fields of management, including organization behavior, financing, management information system, marketing, operation, etc, in depth.

Department of Arts Psychotherapy

The Department of Arts Psychotherapy was established first as undergraduate course in March, 2007 and later as graduate course in March, 2014. There are three majors: Arts Therapy, Music Therapy, and Creative Arts Therapy. Arts psychotherapy employs creative arts media (music, artworks, painting, etc.) for dealing with human problems, and is currently regarded as one of the most promising profession of this day and age that is getting more and more complicated. The Master of Arts Psychotherapy graduate course comprises of total 36 credits (12 credits of pre-requisite courses, and 24 credits of major courses), and includes Arts Psychotherapy Clinical Placements and Internship training. Our full-time professors at the Department of Arts Psychotherapy have excellent track records of research and clinical expertise in their own area.

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Department of education

Department of education is founded upon scientific and philosophical understandings to construct advanced educational theories. The main research areas include curriculum and educational technology, educational psychology measurement and evaluation, educational administration and life long education etc.

Department of Integrated Bio-Resource Science

Education and Research program: Program for Integrated knowledge of Bio-Resource Science, Agro-Medical Program, Program for Biochemical Analysis, Program for Integrated economical management of Agro-Industry, Program for Integrated Food Science
Degree: Master’s in Agriculture, Ph.D. in Agriculture

The objective of education is to train experts needed in Bio-resources industry of Jeollabuk-do. Curriculum is consisted of five program, such as Integrated knowledge of Bio-Resource Science, Agro-Medical program (including forestry and natural healing), Biochemical Analysis, Integrated economical management of Agro-Industry, Integrated Food Science. The faculties consist of eight professors in line with life science, traditional knowledge, business administration, economics, food science, chemistry, engineering, and statistics.

Department of Manufacturing and Design Engineering

Department of Industrial Engineering

The main curriculum of Industrial Engineering consists of OR, manufacturing and management, human and aesthetic engineering, quality management and quality engineering, TPM, determinism, and information systems.

Department of Rehabilitation Sciences

Department of Rehabilitation Sciences is interest in the areas of physical, psychological, social and occupational rehabilitation for persons with disabilities. We are covering three major field of study that majoring in physical therapy is focusing on the work of physical rehabilitation through physical training, occupational therapy is focusing on improving the quality of life through occupational task in human life, and the vocational rehabilitation is focusing on social reintegration for persons with disabilities through vocational training.

Department of Korea-China Trade

Research field and major field of study
Majors: International Trade of Korea & China, Investment of Korea & China

Degree: Master of Business Administration

The graduate school of Korea-China Trade was established in 2005. The speedy growth of Korea’s economy after the 1980s was made possible through expanding the quantity and developing the quality of international trade. Nowadays, Korea and China trade has broken through the 1 trillion dollar mark and 4.8 billion dollar to China foreign direct investment, showing that international trade leads to economic growth. Therefore it is important for trade and investment specialists to have not only thorough knowledge about trade theory and its practical application, but also ability in various fields. Our graduate program’s principal goal is to meet the demands of the times through education.

Department of Theology

The Department Theology aims to produce the theologians and pastors who have trained scientifically and serve the churches and the world by the spirit of Jesus Christ. The doctoral degrees(Ph.D.) which can take in the department are for New Testament Theology, Systematic Theology, Theology of Mission, and Theology of Pastoral Counseling.

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