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The School of Alternative Medicine at JJ University offers to research about the comprehensive approach to medicine that combines the Western and the Eastern medicine. It is a new medicinal idea which opens up possibilities in medical innovations and overall health improvement, as well as enhancing quality of life in this age of longevity.

At JJ University, we try our best to quickly respond to the ever-changing social needs in keeping with our founding idea of realization of Christianity, with aims to make learning and education easy and practical. Moreover, our reputation in the local community has rapidly increased, and we look forward to contribute more to our community with open educa-tion and lifelong education. In order to realize this, we’ve newly established the School of Alternative Medicine with aims to educate and train alternative medicine specialists and actively participate in the research, to contribute in the creation of new field of comprehensive medicine.

By educating and training the general public who are interested in alternative medicine as part of lifelong learning and new job creation with medical experts with many experience in treatment, education and research, we contribute to the world of comprehensive alternative medicine with the development of introducing and scientifically verifying many theories of alternative medicine, proliferating around the globe.

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Mind & Body Medicine Major

Your mental and spiritual state is closely related to your body and its illnesses. Therefore, it is crucial to understand how the emotional, mental, spiritual, and behavioral causes, and the interaction between the body and the mind affects one’s health, in order to be able to develop the ability to take care of one’s health and understand oneself better.

Naturopathic Manipulation Major

This field of study aims to educate and train students comprehensive methods of holistic care—physical, mental, emo-tional, and spiritual—that affects the patients’ health, by focusing on the illness’ causes rather than the conventional and suppressive care of illnesses and diseases which often leads to chronic phases, to activate and help the body with its own innate ability to recover.

Clinical Nutrition Major

Our modern day diet and eating habits has degraded our natural ability to heal and weakened our immune system, and meanwhile has made us to be more vulnerable to chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, atherosclerosis, cancer, etc. It’s time for us to follow correct and beneficial ways of eating and supplying nutrients to our body, to recover our natural healing ability and prevent diseases. This major aims to train food and nutrition experts by educating students the basics and applications of natural science and clinical methods on nutrition and food treatments, including various dietary treatments that helps correct eating habits, which is quite easy to change.

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