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The Graduate School of Counseling at JJ University was established in November 1999, to educate and train profession-als who can contribute to the peace and development of the society, as well as the country and the people with creativity and service. The school basis its foundations in the founding Christian idea of the university--Truth, Peace, and Liberty--while it professes profound theories and broad application methods. For the five years since its inception, the school was able to produce skilled counseling experts through practice-based education including counseling program development, training courses, working-level counseling experiences in the field of academics, social organizations, religious organizations, and in general industries with specialized theoretical educations and problem-specific counseling technique training. The school has until March 2004, produced 26 graduates with Master’s in Counseling. There are currently about 90 students in three Master’s programs pursuing their degrees.

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Location : Hall for Regional Innovation #501

Tel : 063-220-2693

Department of Marriage and Family Counseling

Masters in Counseling (Marriage/Family)

The department is focused on educating and training counseling theories and techniques needed for prevention and treatment of problems that may arise in marriage, conjugal relations, family relations, and in aged life, by concentrating on family life education and family therapy.
By acquiring skills through collective counseling programs that feature marriage expectant couple education, marital counseling, family life consultations, parental education, and counseling for the aged, we are committed to educating and training students to provide effective counseling and guiding skills that may aid in marriage and family counseling in various contexts, including family, social institutions, and religious groups, etc.

Department of Children and Adolescents Counseling

Masters in Counseling (Child/Adolescent)

The department is focused on educating and training experts who are able to prevent and provide answers to various problems such as sex, personal relationship, education, career path, and delinquency, etc., while promoting sound devel-opment of children and adolescents.
We are committed to educating and training child/adolescent counseling experts skilled with theories and practices by systematically educating them with counseling techniques and theories for children and adolescents, problem-solving strategies and approaches, parental education and counseling practices.

Department of Career and Vocational Counseling

Masters in Counseling (Career/Vocational)

The department is focused on educating and training experts who are able to help the systematic expedition of career development process which promotes career consciousness, planning, entry, and adaptation by actively responding to the ever-changing modern society.
We are committed to educating and training counseling experts who are skilled with appropriate counseling techniques and theories, job analysis capabilities, career path information utilization ability that fits personal characters of women and the disabled, as well as life-cycle stage counseling from childhood, adolescents and students, adults, to the elderly stages of life.

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