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The Graduate School of Education at JJ University was established in October 1994 in accordance with the University’s founding idea of Truth, Peace and Liberty, to hone the university’s contribution in national development, leadership cultivation, and adaptation ability fostering, with theoretical research in expert academics which is the educational idea of specialized graduate schools. The school provides Masters in Education degree, and consists of 11 majors with about 350 students pursuing their degree.

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Multicultural Education (new in 2013)

The dramatic increase in the number of multicultural families in Korea has brought about many problems requiring im-mediate attention and alternatives. In Jeollabuk-do, where the rate of multicultural families is quite high, counseling and teaching experts who are able to facilitate and mediate the need for proper education, recognition of multiculturality, as well as development of multicultural education programs. In this major, students will learn and train to solve various problems that may arise in multicultural society and age.

With a Master’s degree in Multicultural Education, students will be able to: first, provide proper recognition of multicul-turality, and guiding techniques; second, train or become experts in fields relevant to multiculturality (in municipal offic-es, or in authorities); and third, become an educator for the multicultural society. National licenses provided for this field are first-class multicultural family counselor, and multicultural family educator, etc.

Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language (new in 2013)

A major that explores the expert knowledge and teaching methods required for teaching Korean as a Foreign Language. It provides practical training opportunities to solve problems that may arise in actual Korean teaching sessions, especially to experienced Korean teachers. The discipline consists of course-focused theoretical studies, and methodological studies such as practical teaching.

The Major of Educational Administration

The Major of Korean Language Education

The Major of Art Education

The Major of Counseling Education

The Major of Mathematics Education

The Major of History Education

The Major of English Education

The Major of Music Education

The Major of physical Education

The Major of Special Education

The Major of Chinese Characters Education

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