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The School of Public Administration at JJ University, with a history of nearly 20 years, was established in November 1984, and have graduated about 1,000 alumni with 243 master’s in Public Administration. Many of our alumni currently serve as leaders of the local community and the country, as heads of municipalities or local governments, local councilors, and major positions within the economic, social, cultural, and women sectors. We are doing our best to foster capable experts in this era of globalization and information technology.

Those of you who take your learning further at our school may have the opportunities to participate in various programs at home and overseas, as well as listen to special lectures by well-known figures and professors, paving your way to be-come competent experts. Moreover, not only you can create new networks with people of different social positions, as well as have the support of our alumni. Do yourself a favor and become a competent, capable expert at the School of Public Administration, JJ University.

Public Administration Program

Research field and major field of study

Research Field: City administrative organization, human resources, finance, policy, and local, regional development

Degree: Master’s in Public Administration, Ph.D. in Public Administration


As the needs and requirements of the modern society become more complex and specialized, and reflecting on the fact that researches on public administrations require qualitative and quantitative alterations, we primarily pursue cultivating expert knowledge as public administration students. Due to the expansion of the field, a common characteristic of the modern society, the borders of public administration and politics have become vague, therefore the research further ex-pands into the field of policymaking. By forecasting the future and rapidly adapting to the general trends, it is a field of academics to serve as reasonable as applied science.

Police Administration Program

Research field and major field of study

Research Field: Police Administration Department

Degree: Master of Police Ph.D., Police Administration


To train police leaders and competent police through education of creation and development of value systems and knowledge systems, based on the training of police practice, and systematic understanding of the theory and basic tech-nical knowledge.

Real Estate Program

Research field and major field of study

Majors: Real Estate Policy, Investment and Management, Real Estate Law, Real Estate Development, finance major

Degree: Master of Real Ph.D., Real Estate Management


An integrated applied science that theory and practice are fused. Train professionals through approach on academic and practical aspects of real estate problems of various reasons. Respond to demand in real estate service experts, and operate a curriculum in conjunction with license qualification. Exchange information through floating production seminars union and national academic activities. Perform graduate student-centered teachings through discussion and presentation methods. Organize study groups by researches, and induce in-depth learning by fostering presentations and discussion of their own academic knowledge.

Social Welfare Program

Major and Research Field

Research: Social welfare policy and administration, social welfare practice and trials, social welfare

Degree offered: Masters in Social Welfare Studies

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